13 October What's Trending: Outdoor classrooms
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13 October What’s Trending: Outdoor classrooms

As “screen addiction and why should parents worry” hits the headlines, it’s great to see trending this week on Classlist – schools are responding and setting up outdoor classrooms.

Despite the days getting shorter there is so much scope for helping pupils get outside and down to nature. Learning how to identify different trees and plants for example. Or a sensory experience such as making pies in a mud kitchen. What is evident however, is how much parent associations are supporting outdoor classrooms. Especially signing up volunteers and creating a rota to help with their maintenance. From weeding once in a while, to making coffee for those carrying out the heavy clearing and digging work. There are plenty of jobs to go round and an opportunity to socialise albeit in small groups.

Classlist’s sign up tool enables schools to schedule volunteers, taking into account a maximum of six at anyone time. Also don’t forget to sign up former pupils and parents. As many of us are working from home, it’s a great opportunity to not only help out but also get outdoors.

Also linked to the outdoors and popular this year, are Christmas garden themed hampers. Instead of a recycled tin, throw in a hessian reusable bag displaying the school or your PTA’s logo.

For more ideas and inspiration sign up your school to outdoor classroom day movement. For more school community trends click on the link here.

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