17 November What's Trending: Pop Up Christmas Shops
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Pop up shops Christmas

17 November What’s Trending: Pop Up Christmas Shops

Pop up shops are ‘popping’ in all kinds of guises. From full e-commerce solutions to a social media feed or Classlist group with posts and discount codes for parents.

Some schools are creating pop up shops on e-commerce platforms to sell items. Platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly. All of these solutions are subscription services. So the potential sales need to outweigh these monthly charges.

At the cheaper end, schools are using Facebook pages and Classlist to create a virtual pop up shop or destination for parents to purchase Christmas fare. Either create posts with discount codes in your feed on Facebook. Or on Classlist set up a group called ‘Christmas Market’ as a destination point for your parents. If you wish to save time (and money we don’t charge for use of our platform), collect payments by:

  • setting up an event;
  • adding tickets and prices to sell specific items.
Pop up shop Christmas

Once your parent body can collect cash online, it opens up huge opportunities for not just the Christmas season. We expect that pop up shops will become a permanent fixture.

Another popular topic this week is teacher’s presents. This of course is now reliant on cashless collection from parents. Click here for present ideas that are popular during lockdown. For more school community trends click here

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