19 May 2020 What's Trending: Teachers Needed?
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19 May 2020 What’s Trending: Teachers Needed?

One of the top topics trending on Classlist in the past seven days:

How many teachers needed when schools reopen?

The number of teachers needed when schools reopen will depend on the level of demand from parents to allow their children to return. On this subject there have been numerous surveys across the country with a range at times conflicting statistics about the percentage of parents willing to send their children back to school on June 1st.

Indeed, over the weekend an enormous debate about whether schools should reopen took up most of the papers. Medics, teachers union and government officials discussing whether teachers will be safe under the new guidelines. Whether reopening could trigger a second spike in cases. Those in favour or against are turning to examples of schools in other countries to support their arguments. With more and more countries reopening schools there are more case studies. What is starting to emerge is that it really depends on the extent the local region is Covid19 Free. In France regions have been classified as green, yellow or red. Schools in green have been allowed to reopen.

In the meantime, many Classlist schools are adopting a localised approach. By sending out questionnaires to their own school community, asking them how likely they are to send their child/children back on 1st June. Some Headteachers are even visiting families to ensure they pick up on any concerns.

So whilst the debate continues, Headteachers are getting down to the practical job of making sure adequate resources and teachers are available to match the demand for reopening classes at their specific school. This is in addition to working out how to best keep their staff safe within their school environment and local circumstances.

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