22nd June What's Trending: Zoom Explosion in Schools
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Zoom Explosion

22nd June What’s Trending: Zoom Explosion in Schools

Video demand exploding

We’ve seen a Zoom explosion in schools. Measured by the number of mentions and links shared by teachers and parents. Indeed, on Classlist hundreds of school communities are using Zoom for academic and social reasons. So much so, we carried out an analysis of this new way of connecting. At the beginning of the year we tracked about a dozen mentions. Zoom event links on Classlist are now reaching the thousands.

A few weeks ago we responded to the surge in demand for video more generally, by making it easier to share from youtube and other video platforms.

The demand for video for socialising and even having a live playdate is something we couldn’t have foreseen a few months ago.

Video socialising

For all the schools that have embraced Zoom there are equal numbers who have banned its use. Largely around security concerns. Although the Zoom team has fixed many of the early security concerns raised by schools, it still allows conversations to be digitised and shared with third parties. We believe families want their video experience to be more like real life. That includes the ephemeral nature of a face to face conversation – shared in the moment only.

Virtual School Gate

For schools interested in helping their families make new friends (especially Reception and Year 7s) we have developed our own video chat that mirrors those conversations around the school gate. Parents enter rooms for small scale group chats of up to four participants. As in real life they can move and swap around to different rooms.

Post chat, parents receive a summary of who they have met for future follow ups. Initial chats that lead to further conversations is as we know fosters friendships. We’re aiming to replicate this as much as we can within the constraints of social distancing.

All part of our mission to ensure that no families are left out.

For more information about our new video chat feature Classbudi

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