29 September What's Trending: PTA Subscriptions
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PTA Membership subscriptions

29 September What’s Trending: PTA Subscriptions

Asking parents to pay a PTA subscription is trending this week. Interestingly, it’s very common in the USA to charge PTA membership. So in terms of UK schools, is this a temporary move or is it here to stay?

How much are PTA’s charging?

Across the Classlist network of schools, the range of charges fall within a range of £20-£30 per year. Teacher’s presents both at Christmas and end of year are commonly part of the package. What differs however, are the extras such as:

  • Advent calendars
  • Christmas hampers
  • Pupil designed Christmas cards
  • Leaver’s hoodies
  • Water bottles with the school logo
  • Coupons from local businesses

Donate hours instead?

The trend of charging a subscription or fees makes a lot of sense this year when the traditional in-person events can’t be held at least in the short term. Although not common in the UK, other parts of world also monitor contributions in kind and time. In Australia schools recommend each parent commits to ten hours a year. Either in-school or remotely helping out. Whereas in the USA, two parent families are expected to commit to fifteen hours of service. Or paying $300 annually. Half this amount for single parents.

The good news is PTAs can set up membership subscriptions on Classlist events. The signup tool enables volunteer time to be tracked too.

Whether UK schools will follow this trend time will tell. In the meantime happy fundraising!

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