5 October What's Trending: School Parent Alumni
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5 October What’s Trending: School Parent Alumni

It’s not just ex-pupils that are welcome back this year but former parents. Not only is the parent alumni a good source of volunteers, but a great addition to funds.

Often parents have a strong allegiance to their children’s former school. Particularly if they live locally. Even though the school run was a chore, for many former parents they are left with a void. A fond memory and a continued sense of belonging to their school community .

Savvy PTAs are ensuring that they retain the services and support of their parent alumni. Therefore widening their pool of potential donations. Either in kind, time or cash.

Parent alumni can support in many ways

Of course, meeting GDPR requirements is essential. Fortunately, as a Classlist member this is already sorted. All you need to do is transfer your final year group members to an Alumni year group on Classlist. Just label it Alumni 19/20. This helps your alumni members to bond as numbers start to grow. From our experience alumni members like to receive the weekly digest (hopefully contains some useful local recommendations) but don’t want the day to day notifications. Just add a post suggesting they update their profile with their preferred notification setting.

Above all remember to invite this group to events and fundraisers. The more the merrier! For inspiration on cool virtual fundraising events check out our recent blog post.

For more information about setting up your alumni click on the help page. More school community trends click here.

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