8 June What's Trending: Teacher Gifts Including Survival Kits
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Teachers Gifts

8 June What’s Trending: Teacher Gifts Including Survival Kits

Teacher Gifts

With so few weeks left to the end of the school year many school communities are collaborating on teachers gifts. We highlighted during teacher appreciation week that many schools celebrated this with creative contributions from pupils.

More recently we are hearing about fantastic ‘teacher survival kits’ being assembled. Comprising cakes made by parent (professional) bakers, coffee, tea, wine and flower growing packs. Distributed in a specially printed canvas tote bag.

Collecting money is always challenging and especially right now. Well-organised reps are already using Classlist to help them organise this by using Classlist’s ticketing system for parents to transfer funds to the Class Rep. Set up a ticketed event called Teacher Gift and suggest donation amounts. Receiving the money upfront will ensure you aren’t out of pocket.

See some suggestions from teachers below, what is good in their books and what to avoid.

Good gifts

  • Club together to buy some vouchers from the class. Might sound unimaginative but teachers love these as they can spend as they like. John Lewis, Amazon, David Jones and Marks & Spencer are all safe bets – they can use them to fund some extra goodies for their family or just treat themselves. This year the recently launched Disney+ channel, Audible 3 month membership and Netflix vouchers are also going down a treat.
  • Scented candles – you can never really have too many of these and they are expensive to buy for yourself.
  • Treat consumables – a hamper from the whole form that the teacher can share with their own family make popular gifts.
  • Wine – a steady favourite which won’t go off.
  • Disney+ vouchers – again a whole class present but these are very popular too as they can be used right away.
  • Home made cards with genuine messages from your child.

Gifts to avoid

  • Home made biscuits or chocolates. Be honest, now, would you really want to receive these? Unless from a professional baker.
  • Toiletries. Many consider this to be too personal and some may have skin allergies
  • Stationery – or any thing to do with being a teacher. You wouldn’t give your mum Hoover bags, would you
  • Any individual present that’s very expensive. Embarrassing for the teacher – and if it’s very valuable might even get them into hot water with the taxman as taxable benefit

Above all – just use your common sense and remember the card from your child is the most important kind teacher gift.

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