8 September Whats Trending: Back to School
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Back to school tips

8 September Whats Trending: Back to School

This is a ‘Back to School’ like no other. There are new rules for parents and pupils to get to grips with, and these include banning parents from chatting outside many schools! How does it feel to be a new parent who can’t go inside school with their child? And can’t chat to other parents to find out if they are feeling the same?

New ways of making families welcome

Despite the challenges, there’s lots of evidence this week of parents making an effort to reach out to newcomers.

Whether it is arranging virtual coffee mornings on zoom or arranging bubble playdates in local parks, parents are cautiously connecting. The Classlist contact list and map are proving to be super useful for these physical meet ups and finding who lives nearby. Children must limit social contact with their peers, and parents want to reduce time spent on travel too.

Contacts and map

Back to school tips

Here are a few Back to School tips for Classlist Ambassadors:

  • Do you need to move up your classes on your School Structure? Here is a shortcut to our help link.
  • We have a new Ambassador ‘Welcome message’ that sends a private message to new joiners 24 hours after they join. So make sure you write your message on the School Profile page  
  • Schools with active PTAs and Class Reps can feel more welcoming. Then there is someone in each class looking out for who is new. Make sure you assign a Class Admin for each class. Remind them to invite new parents to join Classlist. Suggest they arrange a class get together as soon as that is possible.  Ask for volunteer reps – or just flatter a friendly parent by asking them directly.
  • The easiest way to invite parents to Classlist is to ask the teacher or School Office to send out a QR code Flyer. It is customised for your school and approves parents automatically.  Ask the School Office to email it out to all parents right away. The benefit that Classlist will connect them immediately with the parent community.  You can keep some flyers with you to hand to new parents too.
  • There are other videos, flyers and help articles in our Help Centre.
  • Check out the new Get Started Checklist on the Admin dashboard. It’s got plenty of tips and resources of things to do at this time of year.

As ever, our friendly Help Team love to hear from Ambassadors, so do get in touch!

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