Engaged parents matter: 100,000 children lost to schools since COVID
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Engaged parents matter: 100,000 children lost to schools since COVID

With news from the Centre for Social Justice this week that nearly 100,000 children (enough to fill Wembley Stadium) have not returned to school full-time since lockdown ended, it’s clear that when families become disconnected from schools, there’s a real risk to society. 

For school registrars and marketing departments, having highly engaged parents is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Not only do engaged parents lead to better student outcomes, but they are becoming ever more central to the school’s brand. As parents are far more involved in their children’s education than before home schooling, a proportion are now more critical and vocal. The simple act of bringing parents into school communities increases their loyalty to the school.

Social media pages are useful tools for marketing to new prospects, but not for communicating reliably with current students, parents or staff. While social network algorithms favour paid-for posts, you can’t be sure who is going to receive the message. Instead, school marketing teams, bursars and registrars are looking for community platforms like Classlist that are closed to the outside world, gated and easy to control. Here’s why →

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