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Classlist release notes

Get the latest on our app updates here. Regularly update your app to get the benefit of the latest improvements.

March 2020

New! Ambassador Insights

We’re excited to announce our Ambassador Insight Report. This is the first report in our series of reports comprising data-backed insights on your school community’s performance. Each week you will see how your community is doing based on specific school community metrics, benchmarked against our top quartile of Classlist schools. 

Over time we will add tips and tricks to help you achieve ‘best in class’ results 🏆for your school community. 

Search, tagging and links

Many of you have asked us for the ability to search posts 🔍and share posts with other parents by tagging @. We are pleased to announce these features are live and ready for you to use! 

Another bonus feature to help you share interesting content with your parents in a more appealing way, has also been released. It’s called a preview link and allows you to copy an external URL for an article or site directly into your post – we will pull through any images or article summaries automatically. It works the same as other social media: Linkedin, Facebook etc. Check out an example below. 

December 2019

We’re sending you fewer emails and saving you time

  • Viewing notifications in the app? We’ll pause your email notifications
  • Not reading the daily digest? We’ll swap you to weekly only

Plus, we’ve limited some types of notifications (for example, comments on ‘whole school’ posts) to help you find the most important info quickly.

You can personalise your notifications settings further in your profile. Choose from a wide range of options.

November 2019

Introducing our NEW SignUp tool!

Use our new SignUp Lists together with the Classlist Events tool to sell tickets, promote your event and organise volunteers in minutes all on one app.

Add extra event owners to your community event and you’ll be able to create and manage your event and SignUp Lists on Classlist collaboratively with your PTA team too.

How do SignUp Lists work?

  • SignUp Lists are online task lists you create and share on Classlist to let parents know how they can help your PTA!
  • Add individual tasks or create multiple time slots on a particular day
  • Parents sign up with the click of a button in the app and get an automatic reminder the day before

How do I create a SignUp List?

Go to Community Events (on the green admin side), create an event or select an existing one, click the ‘Add new SignUp’ button. PTAs are already using them to help organise their Christmas events on Classlist.

SignUp lists aren’t just for events!

We’ve designed them to be flexible enough so a class rep or member of school staff can use them to schedule parents for the class reading rota, find parent helpers for school trips and even easily allocate timeslots for parents’ evenings. Saving your school and class reps valuable admin time and helping teachers get much-needed support.

Community Events get an upgrade

We’ve redesigned the whole Community Events feature so you can use it to quickly collect RSVPs for simple events such as your coffee morning or add on our advanced features to supercharge your larger events.

We’ve got new functionality too

  • Now add ‘event owners’ to your Community Events so you can organise them as a team!
  • Ask multiple questions when you add tickets to quickly collate important info
  • Track RSVPs & ticket sales, send reminders and download lists in the new ‘Manage Events’ section

Don’t forget you can now make your events open to the public. Select ‘public event’ and share your event link — perfect for promoting your Christmas fair to the wider community!

October 2019

Control your notifications settings more easily

New ‘select all’ options and separate pages where you choose your push and email notifications preferences make it easier to control your notifications

Improved email unsubscribe links

Now you can adjust your email preferences directly from the unsubscribe link on our emails without logging in

Get to your profile area quicker

We’ve added a new ‘Edit and view my profile’ link next to your profile picture

Posting to a group just got easier

In this release, we’ve stripped back the design so it’s really clear to see the group you’re posting to

Private events are now on your Feed

When you’re invited to a private event, now you’ll see this information on your Activity Feed too. It’s part of our work to make your Feed a place you can see and filter all the info relevant to you.

More sophisticated linking of family members to children

We’ve improved how we link parents and family members to a child to make it clearer who’s who.

Edit your profile directly

Now you can directly edit your profile page so it’s easier to see what info you’re sharing with other parents. We’ve separated out your account details, privacy and notification settings.

Helping parents to sign up

We’re helping you grow your school’s Classlist community by giving Admins a bit more info so they can remind new parents to join up.

September 2019

Use Classlist to sell your tickets to the public

Now you can choose to make tickets to your event available to the public. Simply choose the public event option when you create your event and share the link to the event. It’s perfect for wider community events such as fireworks night. Members of the public can purchase tickets to your event and will receive your event updates. Use it to save your PTA time and raise even more money for your school from your key community events this year.

See info about community events on the Feed

You’ll now be notified of new community and school events by posts in your activity feed. This continues our work to make the Feed a single place you can see and filter all the info relevant to you.

More UX improvements

We’re continuing to make UX improvements, this time posts in the feed, your Groups page, and to the Marketplace.

August 2019

Add attachments to all types of messages

In addition to Announcements, you can now add attachments to all types of messages including posts on your Groups.

Class reps have told us that this feature will help them share useful information really easily such as this week’s homework sheet!

Announcements look better on mobile

We’ve taken some time to make your Announcements look all neat and tidy on mobile. So, now you can use the editing tool in Announcements to create a great looking newsletter that parents can read easily on their phone.

Improvements to make it easier to find the info you want

Now you can filter the Activity Feed to see posts from a particular class, group or key announcements. You choose what’s important to catch up on.

We’ve also added notifications to the bottom menu so you can check your notifications quickly.

Find the create button on the top right

Now in the app the create button can always be found on the top right along, with other improvements to give you a better experience navigating the app.

July 2019

Class list and parent profile pages redesigned

The all new class list brings you to the heart of your school community. Now it’s even easier to:

  • See who’s who at your school 
  • View parents’ profiles for your class and year
  • Find families nearby on the parent map

June 2019

New announcement tools

By popular demand, now when you create an announcement you’ll be able to use our new editing tools to style and add images to it. 

More intuitive notifications

Now the app will group notifications of likes and comments together when they relate to the same post. It will also automatically mark the notification of a new post as read if you click on the post. A better experience for everyone using the app!

New downloadable QR code flyer

We’ve also added a new way to sign up parents quickly if it’s tricky gathering emails. Download a printable flyer from the invite page on the admin side. Parents simply scan the QR code to be automatically approved.

Parents are now automatically reminded about events

To help you remember to buy tickets, RSVP and come along to events, we’ve introduced automatic event reminders. You’ll get your first reminder seven days before an event and a second one the day before. PTAs, why not add all your events to Classlist now so parents will get auto reminders for them?

Introducing email verification

We know parents value how Classlist is safe and secure. Now we’ve made the app even more secure. New parents signing up are required to verify their email. It’s easy to do, they just check their inbox for our email and click on the verification link.

May 2019

A new daily digest

Designed to help you cut through the noise and catch up on what matters most to you, in one hit, on the day it happens.

  • it filters so you only see new posts & comments on your group
  • it separates Marketplace posts from other posts
  • it introduces new parents joining

So, you don’t have to be constantly switched on to a constant feed of notifications, if you prefer not to be.

Personalised notifications

We’ve also set up some new, neat ways to automatically optimise your notifications based on how you use Classlist – so you don’t have to.

April 2019

Online payments have arrived in the Marketplace

Now you can easily buy and sell items on Classlist and also gift a percentage of your proceeds to your school’s PTA fund. We think you’ll like it because you can easily hand over items at the school gate the next day. Ambassadors – get set up to start receiving donations by adding your PTA’s Stripe account on the school profile page!

March 2019

NEW Stripe payments making it easy for parents to buy tickets to events

  • Parents can now buy tickets quicker by just entering their card details directly and with a *much* better experience on mobile.
  • Stripe’s lower standard fees are more cost effective meaning your PTA doesn’t have to worry about applying for charitable status.
  • Selling tickets on Classlist saves your PTA lots of time & effort!

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