October 2020 Product Update
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October 2020 Product Update

October is usually a frantic month with autumn social and fundraising activities starting to kick off. It’s also a time when we release lots of features to help you get your communities humming with the least amount of effort. In addition this term we’ve focused on features that help you adapt to the new socially distant and virtual environment. Here are some new features:

Mobile friendly newsletters

You’ve written your October newsletter full of useful information and interesting content. Unfortunately, an A4 attachment is a real turn off for parents. Especially when they are reading it on their phone. Now you can prepare your newsletter directly using Classlist’s announcement feature. Which means no need for attachments and it’s readable on every kind of device. Also, you can track in-app and email open rates. A great way of monitoring your community’s engagement. Read more


Control over comments

Based on the numbers of you that have asked us, we are pleased to announce it is now possible to lock comments on a post. Just use the 3 dots menu. Read more

Lock comments

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