Our manifesto
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Our manifesto

We are Classlist: where parents are there for each other

  • We’re for anyone who cares for a child. That includes you too grandparents, guardians, uncles and aunts.
  • We’re for using tech for the better. For keeping you in the loop whether you’re at the office or the school gate. 
  • We’re for giving and receiving the best of each other.  Lift shares to emergency pick ups, dress up day tips to school holiday juggling
  • We believe in face to face connections for everyone in the family and making that super easy. We believe real life connections foster trust and then great things can happen
  • We’re for sharing wisdom. Online, over coffee, at the pub or on the football pitch. About how to handle tweens and how to tame teens 
  • We’re for sorting out lost property and issues amongst parents rather than burden teaching staff with stuff that isn’t to do with our kid’s education
  • We believe that parents being there for each other means happier school communities and a brighter future for all of our children 

We are Classlist: making parent life easier, school communities stronger

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