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Our Story

We’re rushing about, with more than ever to remember and with fewer opportunities to meet other parents at the school gate. Many of us feel disconnected to our school community. Frustrated at how difficult it is to get in touch with other parents.

“Our mission is to build the world’s most-trusted platform for school parents”

Our mission is to build the world’s most trusted platform for school parents. With trust great things can happen and together we can make life easier for parents, teachers and pupils happier. A community where everyone is included and equally valued. When you join your school on Classlist, you can reach the other parents in your child’s class, see who’s who, share information, help each other, and stay in the loop. 

Classlist was set up by two school parents who wanted to shake up school communities.

Classlist founders
Founders Susan Burton and Clare Wright

Susan Burton and Clare Wright wanted an easy way to connect and communicate with other parents in their children’s classes. In 2015 they founded Classlist, the free app for school parents. Fully GDPR-compliant from the start, and giving parents full control over what data they share, it’s quickly become the UK’s number 1 school parent community app. Thousands of schools in over 40 countries trust Classlist.

Classlist transforms PTAs, too. The powerful event management features, coupled with the ability to directly engage with the community, help PTAs in thousands of schools take their fundraising to another level. Easiest of all, Classlist can even earn money for your school while you sleep via its simple revenue-earning and sponsorship features. 

Classlist is based in Oxford, UK. Along with its full time-team, we’re proud to have a thriving network of Classlist Ambassadors around the world who are experts in managing and developing active and successful online communities.

As well as the most secure way to reach other parents, Classlist is packed with features that relieve the pressures of modern life for parents. Events make birthday parties and class coffees quick to arrange. Marketplace helps you trace lost property, request help or sell unwanted stuff. Special-interest groups helps you find like-minded friends. Filtered news feeds ensures you see tailored information that’s relevant to you.

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