Best-in-class parent engagement with Classlist Insights
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Best-in-class parent engagement with Classlist Insights

Sample of Ambassador Weekly Insights

Classlist – The world’s best parent engagement tool

Classlist, the world’s best parent engagement tool is launching ‘Insights’ to help you grow parent engagement and funds for your school. Plus tips and tricks on how to achieve best-in-class community results.

Learn about the health of your community based on a range of metrics including: parent activity; time saved and funds generated for your school. Compare your performance to the top Classlist schools. Identify and say thank you to your top community performers. 


Parent activity: Parent activity is measured by the number of parents who interacted with Classlist through email or the app/site, on a given calendar week. 

Time saved: The Classlist Time Saved algorithm takes many signals into account including: the minutes spent creating events; inviting parents; collecting money; purchasing event tickets; creating newsletters; announcements; and follow-up reminders.

Contributor/Consumer Ratio: A key indicator of the level of interaction and participation. When over 10% of your members contribute you’ll be on your way to a flourishing community. This is called the contributor/consumer ratio. 

Community volunteer time: Event organisers when creating a community event can list tasks and time slots for parents to volunteer. Classlist adds up the value of completed time slots for a given calendar week.


Funds raised: Money raised is a combination of event ticket sold and money donated from parent marketplace sales. 

Top school: A school’s rank is fluid and subject to rising and decaying over time with time-sensitive events. Community events will tend to give rise to volunteers and funds  raised from event ticket sales and the marketplace.

Most active individual: Your community’s most active rep and most active parent takes into account a range of activities including organising of events, creating new groups, creating posts and announcements, follows, liking and commenting on other contributions. It excludes private messaging.

Top post: Your most popular post is based on the level of parent reactions including: number of follows, likes and comments

How to use Classlist Insights

Let’s look at some examples of how to use Classlist Insights to nurture your school community

1. Celebrate star performers

In the example above Amanda Wright was your most active community performer. From our experience of thousands of school communities – it is often those not necessarily with high visibility that are really making a difference to your community health. Insights gives you an opportunity to thank these star performers, make them feel valued and give them the confidence to continue to support your community. 

2. Craft your next popular post

Your most popular posts help you to pinpoint the issues that matter to your parent community. Following up on similar themes will keep them engaged. This could be about internet safety’ teenage parties, traffic congestion in the case above, parents chipping in to help Adam find where to purchase winter P.E. kit.  Often popular posts are questions where fellow parents get enormous satisfaction helping other parents out. You’ll discover what excites them the most. 

3. What’s New on Classlist

We release new improvements and features regularly so do check out our latest changes – proposed by our amazing Ambassadors. 

Key Takeaway

Use Classlist Insights Summary  to generate more engagement, attract more volunteers and raise more money for your school community. Our help pages are full of resources for Ambassadors and Staff Admins to help you grow your community.

If you need any help please contact us via our support site for in person support. 

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