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Partner Scheme

Partner with us

With twenty years of combined experience in events, marketing and community building, our sponsorships team is unique to any other. We know what it takes to reach expert school community builders who in turn influence hundreds of parents each. Each year, we produce a flagship conference with our partners top of mind. We are hyper-organised, customer centric and data driven.

Our special offerings

A few of our top partnership offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Conference sponsorship – 7th March, 2020 – London
  • National campaigns – flexible timings from one week to one year.
  • Webinars – customised webinar events where you can demonstrate knowledge and expertise to our parent audience.

A few companies we work with

Refer a sponsor and make 25% for your school!

Check out a selection of schools that have benefitted from our revenue sharing scheme.

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