Press Release: Houseparty for school parents
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Press Release: Houseparty for school parents

Covid school line up

Get in line, parent no 25! 

Remember when school parents milled together at the school gate for afternoon pick-up? That was then. Following Denmark’s example, from June schools are likely to enforce military-style collection rotas with parent chat strictly discouraged. Making it difficult to get close and personal with most families’ essential lifelong social group – their fellow school parents. GDPR throws a further spanner in the works as getting parent contact details from the school office has become mission impossible.   

A nifty UK startup has come up with a neat solution – Houseparty for school parents. Classlist is now the UK’s largest social network for school families, having signed up 3,000 UK and European schools since 2016. Their app helps parents exchange contact details whilst complying with GDPR. They’re now launching a “Class Roulette” video linkup feature which looks a lot simpler to use than Zoom. Parents are nudged to connect in a single click to meet up over video in small groups. Over a couple of weeks they will be introduced in a completely secure environment, with everybody else in their class or year group using a clever algorithm.  An improvement on playground cliques and a solution for at the end of the day what parents want above all else is – their children to be happy and make friends. 

“With Zoom’s and Houseparty’s known security issues, parents definitely feel much more secure using this feature within Classlist.” Masuma Contractor, Rygaards International School, Denmark

Video chat for parents

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