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Classlist is free!

Your Classlist app is funded by local and national advertisers. Advertisers have no access to parent data and we do not profile parents in order to present advertisements.

Better still, if the school PTA helps us secure advertisers (which simply means identifying local firms which they consider appropriate) they are entitled to 25% of advertising proceeds from the relevant campaign.  As a result, cheques ranging from £400 to £3000 are regularly presented to Classlist schools. 

If you don’t wish to have advertisements on your Classlist site you can make an annual payment for the ad-free version of Classlist. The rate for this is £2 per parent per year, calculated on the total school parent population. There is also the option for individual parents to exclude adverts from their Classlist app at an individual cost of £5 per year.  Please contact us via our support site or at 07557 130 541 if you would like to explore these options. 

Where Classlist processes money on behalf of the school or PTA we charge a small commission to cover the cost of administration. This is currently set at 0.5% plus card processing charges for paid events, and 5% plus card processing charges for Marketplace transactions. We aim to make these rates competitive, and believe they are currently lower than other providers in these markets. Marketplace also includes the facility for parents to make a voluntary donation back to the PTA when selling an item. 

A number of advanced features concerned for example with reporting, IT integration and payment have been specially requested by schools using Classlist intensively.  We have been testing interest in these through our earlier pricing page. We will be introducing a premium service in due course for customers wishing to utilise these features.  

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