January 2021 Product Update
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January 2021 Product Update

International marketplace

In recent months we have concentrated on improving the features our users love. We’ve made it easier to buy & sell on the marketplace with support for international currencies. This builds on the work we’ve done for international currencies on events. Importantly, it reflects the global community of Classlist schools. 

Easy Online events

We’ve enhanced events with support for online meetings. Allowing parents and ambassadors to provide links to online platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Essential as the majority of events are currently virtual. And we want to make sure it’s easy for our users to organise meet ups smoothly. 

Attractive newsletters

Communication features have also been expanded so that parents can: easily mention each other in group conversations; and reply to individual posts or comments. Also, we’ve improved support for photos and files. For instance, parents can add them in comments. Lastly, Ambassadors can upload more photos to newsletters.

Simple QR codes to invite members

We’ve updated our QR code and WhatsApp invitations. So it’s even easier to invite parents to join Classlist. Furthermore, our list import feature saves Ambassadors significant time. Whereby they can reach potential parents in one go.

We have also added new notifications for Ambassadors. Enabling quicker response times. And so, faster answers for parents and keeping those conversations humming.

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