Supercharge your PTA

Battling to keep up-to-date Classlists? Got a newsletter to send to parents? Recruiting PTA members for the new term? Need help with fundraising? Want to organise and ticket an event? You can do it all on Classlist. It’s completely free to use, secure and fully GDPR-compliant. And you can even use it to raise funds for your school!


Your school can share parent info

Fully inclusive, mobile friendly parent lists

Structured and secure classlists where parents themselves input, update and share their details. No more messing with Excel or WhatsApp

High quality newsletters

Send announcements when you want - no need to rely on the school office. Check how many parents have read them. Get instant comments and feedback

Connect with other local PTAs

Classlist's PTA forum lets you co-ordinate events and resources, get advice and tips

New ways to raise funds

Bring your community together, attract volunteers and raise funds directly through securing Classlist advertisers. Find out how here

Create and manage events

School and private events are a doddle using Classlist's ticket payment and RSVP monitoring functions

Your time is valuable

Classlist's PTA tools save person-weeks of effort each year


Here's what some other PTA members think

"Classlist has transformed my experience of being on the PTA. It's very inclusive and breaks down barriers as people feel part of the school. It's easy to use – parents fill in their own contact details - there's no running around with bits of paper. Classlist's app makes life so simple – it's brilliant. We sell event tickets for events and second-hand uniform - and recently had some very fetching personalised aprons up for grabs."
Maria Blick, Chair of the PTA, Christchurch Cathedral School

"Parents often tell me they feel isolated if they can't get to the school in person but Classlist has brought them back into the school community."
Jude Mills, Class Rep at Newnham Croft Primary, Cambridge

"I was cautious and researched Classlist carefully. We had some active networks on Facebook and WhatsApp but the PTA wanted one platform for everything. Within one month 191 members signed up in a school with 220 children. Instead of one-way communication by newsletter, we now have two-way conversations with parents. And I know they like it – because the complaining in the playground has stopped!"
Amell Amatino, PTA Chair, La Fontaine Academy