7 August What's Trending: School run car share bubbles
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7 August What’s Trending: School run car share bubbles

This week Classlist parents are talking about forming school run car share bubbles. In anticipation of returning to school next term.

Although it’s the height of summer holidays, parents are already thinking ahead about the prospect of returning to school. In particular, how to get their kids to school under new lockdown rules. With some local councils and districts cancelling school bus services next term, parents are turning to each other for help. Arranging to car share with other families with kids the same age. But ensuring a routine with just one or two families within a Covid-19 bubble.

Schools are also threatening to stagger school starts. This makes the job of school drop off and pick up even more complicated. Which is why parents are looking for local school families to car share with. New schools are signing up to the Classlist platform. To help their families to find others who live nearby to share the school run. 

“The Classlist School Run enables parents to organise lift shares with confidence,“ says Richard Murray head teacher at Christ Church Cathedral School in Oxford.“It is far more than simply a super communication tool for our parents at Christ Church Cathedral School (CCCS). I was particularly attracted to the innovative School Run option on the platform.”

After the school approves a family to join, they can opt into sharing their location. After forming a car share bubble, it easy to change the privacy settings for details shared.

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Find local families to car share with

As many as 40% of registered parents sign up to Classlist’s parent map – and numbers are growing. The mobile-friendly service also enables pupils to find a buddy to walk or cycle to school with.

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