See how top schools are reinventing selling second hand uniforms
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See how top schools are reinventing selling second hand uniforms

As the end of the school year approaches we are seeing a surge in second hand uniform sales on Classlist. The most vibrant school communities are lucky enough to have a team of IRL super heroes (aka parent volunteers) who spend their own time sorting, pricing uniforms and manning these second hand stores for everyone’s benefit.

Now the second hand uniform sale has been reinvented to cope with the new normal and we’re seeing that going digital brings enormous benefits! Top schools are using digital marketplaces to not only cut down the workload but also reduce parent-to-parent contact.

Book your slot to shop second hand

The second hand uniform ‘pop up’ shop in the school grounds is a summer term tradition. It’s an opportunity to clear out lost property cupboards. A chance for existing parents to recoup some money. For new families to save money. And for schools to make a little commission on the transaction. Win, win, win, win.

This year, to comply with social distancing requirements, schools are asking parents to make an appointment instead of gathering on the premises. Parent volunteers are using free online tools to manage their shop’s appointments like Calendly, Classlist or even a Google Spreadsheet.

Booking a time slot to shop on the Classlist app
Book your slot and you’ll be able to shop without a crowd

Uniform bargains to be found

New uniforms are pricey and parents are looking to claw back some of this investment, especially when so much uniform was unworn for much of last year.

Good news for parents in Years 7 and 8 as there’s a surplus of stock available. Sadly for those parents selling, many teenagers have grown out of summer kit not even worn this term. There is some great quality clothing to be found.

Sports gear and instruments for sale

Parents aren’t just looking for clothes bargains. They are buying second hand musical instruments and sporting equipment too.

screenshot of Classlist Marketplace selling hockey stick, trainers and school uniform
It’s easy to buy and sell on Classlist’s Marketplace

Reduce virus transmission

Minimise potential virus transmissions by:

  • Suggesting parents wash items in an antibacterial detergent pre-sale
  • Sorting out donations with gloves on
  • Spraying items with antibacterial solution
  • Packaging clothes and shoes in clear compostable bags
  • Holding sales on hot sunny days outside
  • Asking shop visitors to wear masks and bring their own carry bags
  • Making contactless payments possible. Use student codes to charge against school bills or iZettle card readers.
  • Contact us if you would like to learn more about Classlist’s sign up tool or Marketplace! Book your PTA demo with us today or head to our homepage to find out more.

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