30 October Whats trending: Virtual Wine Tasting
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Virtual wine tasting

30 October Whats trending: Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual wine tasting events are proving to be a popular way of kicking off the festive season. PTAs are starting to schedule in dates for the remainder of the term. Here are some tips from across the Classlist network, for getting the various components right for the night.

Selecting and sourcing the wine

In general, the equivalent of three wine bottles is the most popular number. Either as three full or six half bottles. Although there are a few enthusiastic hosts who are extending the tasting range by de-canting wine into even smaller bottles.

Some PTAs have negotiated deals with the larger suppliers such as Majestic wines. Overall however, most schools have opted for their local wine merchant. Not only is this a way of supporting local business, the service is superior. With many merchants supplying cheese, charcuterie and snacks as well.

Offering non alcoholic wine or a selection of teas can be a way of ensuring your event is more inclusive.

Ticket prices

The average ticket price is around £30 per person. If the event is a fundraiser PTAs are aiming to make around £5 per tickets after purchasing the wine and deliveries. Commonly, a discount of 10% on additional wine purchases is on the table. As a way of making the event financially worthwhile for the wine merchant and stocking up for the festive season.

Video platforms

Zoom continues to be popular way of hosting virtual events. Although Google is catching up, as the free version can host up to 250 participants without a time limit.

Before you decide be clear about the aim of your event. Whether is about helping parents to get to know each other or raise funds. If it is the former, zoom’s breakout rooms facilitate more intimate get to know each other conversations. Whereas if your event has a wine expert to talk parents through the tasting and selling as many tickets as possible is an objective, Google Meetings could be a better choice.

You can even set up teams and encourage parents to meet up before hand. Share ‘at home’ video tastings to get the crowd warmed up.

The good news is that we are hearing on the ‘grape vine’ that virtual events including virtual wine tasting, are well attended. Possibly better than in-person events held in the past. Furthermore, no need to book a babysitter!

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