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Waitlist – Instant, secure video chat

Classlist Friendship Bench

Instant, secure video chat for making new and better friendships in your school community

A ‘friendship bench’ video chat app for making friends with other school families

A friendship bench is where a child goes in the school playground if they ever feel sad, upset, worried and perhaps a bit lonely. Classlist is launching a virtual parent and pupil version in May 2020.

The new friendship bench video chat is a premium feature of the existing app. School parents are nudged to connect and help each other through video chat in groups of four – the same number that would fit on a physical bench – using clever algorithms to make sure no family is left out.

Existing and New Schools joining our waiting list before 1st June will get our beta version for FREE. Contact us on support@classlist.com to find out more our join our waiting list below.

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