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Check out our latest news and download our playbook to get your community ‘buzzing’ for the new school year

Latest app update

We’re always improving Classlist and release a new version of the app every two weeks. Here’s what’s new in our latest release:

We’re sending you fewer emails and saving you time

  • Viewing notifications in the app? We’ll pause your email notifications
  • Not reading the daily digest? We’ll swap you to weekly only

Plus, we’ve limited some types of notifications (for example, comments on ‘whole school’ posts) to help you find the most important info quickly.

You can personalise your notifications settings further in your profile. Choose from a wide range of options.

Full release notes

Our playbook “How To Build A Successful School Community THAT WILL GROW, THRIVE AND GENERATE FUNDS NOW AND FOR YEARS TO COME” is now available.

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