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What’s New

Check out our latest product updates and download our playbook to get your community ‘buzzing’ for the new school year.

Latest product updates

We have been busy over the summer and here are some of the major updates released last month:

Add attachments to all types of messages 

In addition to Announcements, you can now add attachments to all types of messages including posts on your Groups.

Class reps have told us that this feature will help them share useful information really easily such as this week’s homework sheet!

Announcements look better on mobile

We’ve taken some time to make your Announcements look all neat and tidy on mobile. So, now you can use the editing tool in Announcements to create a great looking newsletter that parents can read easily on their phone.

Improvements to make it easier to find the info you want

Now you can filter the Activity Feed to see posts from a particular class, group or key announcements. You choose what’s important to catch up on.

We’ve also added notifications to the bottom menu so you can check your notifications quickly.

Find the create button on the top right

Now in the app the create button can always be found on the top right along, with other improvements to give you a better experience navigating the app.

Get our playbook

Our playbook ” How To Build A Successful School Community THAT WILL GROW; THRIVE AND GENERATE FUNDS NOW AND FOR YEARS TO COME” is now available.

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