4 May 2020 What's trending: Video Sharing the New Normal
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4 May 2020 What’s trending: Video Sharing the New Normal

Video recording
Headteachers and staff are learning fast how effective video can help homeschooling and community building.

Video sharing is the new normal

Video sharing for school communities has become the new normal. Both recordings from Headteachers and class teachers comprising daily updates and lessons. Plus live video meetups for PTA planning or class virtual coffees. Even after schools re-open we are confident this new habit is here to stay. Video offers both convenience and potentially inclusiveness. More effective in reaching those harder to reach parents (all you need is a smartphone). More efficient than the informality of the school gate.

In light of this, here at Classlist we have made it much easier to share videos from youtube and links from other sources to your parent community. Just look out for the Classlist icon and select the class you wish to share with.

Virtual PTA Time

PTAs are adapting with many arranging virtual PTA meetings this week. A key challenge for many committees is recruiting new members to join or shadow existing committee roles. Now more than ever – key criteria for recruiting will be digital communication and marketing skills. A good way of identifying this is by reviewing those parents that are responding to posts from others on Classlist or other social media. Those parents who are volunteering to help out. Who are assiduous at reading all the comms the school sends out and helping the rest of us to remember what we need to complete, fill out and generally overcome school administration mental overload.

Those job descriptions you may have used before for your committee need to be updated to reflect this new skills gap.

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